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Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1849-1850

1. Isaac Watts Woodlot November 1849


For a description of Thoreau’s mathematical error of a quarter acre see my notes at:

Thoreau’s 1849 survey of Isaac Watts’ Woodlot

2. John Moore and John Hosmer’s Woodlots winter of 1849-50


Jesse Hosmer’s Farm Spring of 1850


3. R. W. Emerson’s Woodlot and meadow by Walden Pond (that part contained within the Lincoln bounds) the woodlot being a part of what was known in 1746 as Samuel Heywood’s pasture “and deeded by his son as such to his son Jonathan Taunier (?)” Surveyed March 1850 with unusual accuracy.


reproduced here courtesy of, the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.

7. Cyrus Stow’s Woodlot on Sawmill Brook. March 1850

Sketched as Gleason34.


8. Nehemiah Emerson’s Heirs a tract of land belonging to in Haverhill Mass Surveyed and divided into house lots May 1850

30 Plan of a Tract of Land Belonging to the Heirs of Nehemiah Emerson in Haverhill, Mass. … May 1850. [Note: Title amended from “Plan of a Part of the House Lot of the Hayes Farm … “] http://www.concordlibrary.org/scollect/Thoreau_surveys/30.htm

11. D. Shattuck’s Yellow House Lot – plan of – surveyed May 25, 1850


Later Sold to John Thoreau in 1857, scroll down to 1857 or see:https://aschmidt01742.wordpress.com/2010/09/09/thoreau%E2%80%99s-illustrated-atlas-1849-1860-volume-1857/

12. Court House & Town House Lots surveyed June 13, 1850



14. Daniel Shattuck’s Cottage – House Lot surveyed June 19, 1850


15. July 31, 1850 Squared Court House cellar.  Outside ground framing 74.5 by 74.5 yards (?)

Measured the ground excavated from the Court House Cellar Aug. 15 – 16 =606 ½ cubic yards

16.   Frances Monroe & Others Piece of land near the Depot, bought by Henry Wheeler August 17, 1850.


18. West Burying Ground at request of John Keyes – to find two sides – by measuring the lines of the old Brand place on the west.  August 30, 1850

20. Francis Monroe and others New Road To Depot through a lot described on page 16 August 1850


24.  Buildings – Academy, Little house, W’s Yellow house

25. W’s Barn, brick shop, Fay’s house, additions, barn, shop, Connant’s barn, NE barn, SW shed, Brooks hog pen, shed, Brook’s fence, hog pen, Berryman’s house shop adjacent.

26. – 27. Contd. F. Monroe & Others – Contemplated Roads, 2 alternatives


28. – 29. R. W. Emerson’s Woodlot October 28, 1850.  HT compares his survey plan to that of and an earlier plan by Hubbard and concludes his (HT) to be more accurate in Bartlett’s favor.

30. Nathan Brooks Esq. Woodlot sold by Cyrus Stow.  Found bounds November 1, 1850.

N.B. the surveys were marked without back-tracking but were tolerably accurate”.


31. Cyrus Stow Plotted off the last mentioned wood lot for. Nov. 14, 1850

31. Contd. Cyrus Hubbard, street near of Acton.  Surveyed a portion of a road between Acton Center and North Acton and made a plan of same. November 27, 1850

32. – 33. James Barrett Wood Surveyed a woodlot for, near the copper mines in the south part of Carlisle. Nov. 30, 1850

34. David Loring Drew a plan of the barn for. To the truth in Northboro. Dec. 16, 1850





34 Contd. New Court House Measured stonework of Dec. 31, 1850 Foundation and cellar wall 178.77 benches? Of 25 cubic feet each.

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Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1851

35. Daniel Shattuck, new house measured plastering, 970 yards, 1shilling/yard including lathing Jan. 7, 1851

36. John Hosmer bounds of woodlot Feb. 5, 1851

37. Estimation? Of compass as observed Feb. 7, 1851 at 9 AM (this after having been estimated at 9:30 the evening before) = 9 5/8 degree W

38. True Meridian described

True Meridian (by HT)

For a detailed description of how Thoreau measured the angular correction required between magnetic and geodetic north, see the discussion in chapter six of “Thoreau The Land Surveyor” by Patrick Chura.http://www.upf.com/book.asp?id=CHURA001

Found the direction of the Pole Star with greatest Western elongation (1 degree 58½’)? At 9h, 26m PM!  Feb 7th 1851.

It coincides with a line drawn from the SE corner of the stone post on the E side of our west most front gate, to the S side of the first door on the W side of the depot.

Between 4 and 5 o’clock the next day, I found the above line again by my compass,

N 7 7/8-E      hence var. of my compass 1 degree 58 ½’ = approx 9 7/8 degree – W

Says Mag. north var equals 9 7/8 degree    12 M 17 s

39, 40, 41. White Pond Feb. 17, 1851


42. Cyrus Stowe’s Swamp lot surveyed Feb. 20 & 27, 1851


43. Cyrus Stow’s Woodlot in the East Part of Concord Mass on Pine Hill, Feb. 27 to March 3, 1851 in the rearof Joseph Merriam’s house beginning at the southwest corner


45. Plan of Land Owned by James McCafferty, in the East Part of Concord, Mass. … March & April 1851 Three lots of land.



48. Timothy Brooks heirs list of house & fields Mar. 6, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22 and 25, 1851

49. Francis Monroe et al new street across the RR land beginning at SE post of porch of depot

50. Thomas Lord Surveyed land for the factory Apr. 12, 1851


52. Tillage on Factory road adjacent land

53. Cyrus Stowe Land and a new street and house lots for the Back Road Apr. 19, 1851


54. County Commissioners-Plan series of monument & Burying ground tracts opposite court house ground Apr. 29, 1851

55. 65a    Plans of a Road (a continuation of another road,) Leading from Land of Luther Hosmer, Near the Road to Sudbury, Through Land of James P. Brown, to the Marlboro Road, at Land of Thomas Wheeler … May 3, 1851

57. Court House & Town House – Difference bottom of Court House and the Court House fence

58. West Center School House May 24, 1851

59. Mrs. Barber – Found boundary line is near ground tangent?? Jun 2, 1851

Cont’d. James Wood Sr? Measured field for fence (sold to C. D. Brown)

60. Cont’d. w/ sketch

61. State of Mass – Roads from J. Hapgood’s House to Center of Acton Jun 17, 1851

Edmund Hosmer’s Farm in Concord Mass. … June 17, 18, & 21, 1851

60a  Plan of Edmund Hosmer’s Farm in Concord Mass. … June 17, 18, & 21, 1851




F. R. Cyrangus? Run line between him & ? According to a plan by Macbrand. Beginning on Lincoln Rd at the point in dispute between Cyrangus & how Jun 28, 1851

69. Acton/Concord Town Line …Sept. 15, 1851 Reestablished the line between Concord and Acton from a Pilot’s stone near railroad way and another near the Powder Mills etc, etc for a total of nine stones.


77. Reuben Brown – Surveyed part of woodlot on Fairhaven Hill Oct 22 and 23, 1851

(The spring roads bought of Abel Heywood).  Beginning 205 chains westerly of westernmost angle. (listing of survey points)


79. Cyrus & Arthur Mow Oct 28, 1851 2PM S 48 3/8 W 29.14 chains from a point on the road 8 rods NW of the old Peter Wheeler hall to Coburn’s Corner, F1 survey on C. Norris’ land.


80. Trustees of the Ministerial Land Surveyed Ministerial Lot in SW part of Concord November 14 and 25, 1851
81. Town of Concord a line between Concord and Carlisle Dec 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, & 13,1851

Samuel Barrett surveyed land lot Dec 6 1851 He selling the wood to Geo. Brooks. Surveyed with a view of surveying the whole written time.  Area sold 6A 18P.  The SW corner not calculated.


83. Samuel Barrett surveyed land lot Dec 6 1851 He selling the wood to Geo. Brooks. Surveyed with a view of surveying the whole written time.  Area sold 6A 18P.  The SW corner not calculated.


Trustees of the Ministerial Fund lotted off Miner’s Tenue Loehm SE part J Concand

Dec 8 & 9 1851


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Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1852
84. Jacob Baker Lincoln, Surveyed Land near Flint’s Pond Apr 23, 1852 


85. W. E Channing surveyed house lot Apr 26, 1852

86. J. B. Mackey surveyed house lot May 25, 1852 var at 9 ½ AM 9-¾ degree bearings corrected.


Noah and Rebecca Brooks farm May 26, 1852


[Land Near Depot (Loring, Wheeler, etc.)], June 21, [18]52


B and Loring Land for house lots near depot Jun 1852



87. Daniel Weston Surveyed piece of Flint’s Pond  Aug 17, 1852


George Loring Mead Plan for a lead pipe machine Sep 15, 1852


James F Chafrin surveyed two pieces of woodlot in Lincoln Oct 1, 1852 sold for taxes to Frances Westhall

First piece belonging to K Rice heirs of Lincoln

88. Second piece belonging to Charles Bartlett

Containing two acres

Surveyed one acre for Cyrus Stowe of Raymond? Oct 19, 1852

89. Mrs. Badger Surveyed land around three children’s cottages Oct 28, 1852

John Reynolds Surveyed house lot on the Lowell Road Nov 3, 1852

90. Daniel Weston, Surveyed Land on Flint’s Pond.Dec.10 & 13, 1852

Concord Museum copy

Courtesy of the Concord Museum

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Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1853

Thoreau recorded the variation on February 3rd, 1853, as being 9⅞° westerly; when Albert Wood resurveyed portions of Moore’s farm in 1886, he found the variation to have changed by 1½° (although he did not specify whether the change was easterly or westerly).
91. John B. Monroe, surveyed farm for Feb. 10, 11, 12, 18 and 19 ‘53


Reproduced here courtesy of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.

A draft version of  Thoreau’s plans of Moore’s property can be consulted on the Concord Free Public Library’s website (map 94a-c in the collection of Thoreau’s surveys and maps).

Cyrus Benjamin, Measured planting of all crops near house in Lincoln for February 21st ‘53

92. Loring D. auction? Surveyed a strip of land in Lincoln for building barn fence? March 31, 1853

93. For Duncan (?) in Haverhill April 12 to 29, 1853



94.  John Reynolds Surveyed land near Potter for lots.  May 17, 1853


John B.Moore Surveyed land and buildings. June 28, 1853


County – Surveyed Bedford Road. For July 1853.

John Stacy, Wood lot “Framingham” August 30, 1853

95. A. Tuttle, Surveyed farm for, August 26 and 27, 1853.


Middlesex County surveyed a new Bedford Road for.  September 8, 9, and 10.

“At five P.M., September 13, 1853, I left Boston, in the steamer, for Bangor, by the outside course. It was a warm and still night, -warmer, probably, on the water than on the land, – and the sea was as smooth as a small lake in summer, merely rippled. The passengers went singing on the deck, as in a parlor, till ten o’clock . We passed a vessel on her beam-ends on a rock just outside the islands, and some of us thought that she was the ” rapt ship ” which ran ” on her side so low That she drank water, and her keel ploughed air,” not considering that there was no wind, and that she was under bare poles . Now we have left the islands behind and are off Nahant.”  CHESUNCOOK


J. B. Moore surveyed land to A. B. Alcott for. Sep 22, ‘53

Charles Gordon of Littleton Buttrick surveyed woodlot for. Nov 9, ‘53

97. Thomas F. Hunt House Lot surveyed October 17, 1853


98.  Heir of John Richardson, Lotted off a woodlot for, in Lincoln, Nov 12, ‘53


George Brooks Surveyed woodlot for in Acton belonging to Hapgood, Dec 15, ’53


Plan of Land in Lincoln Mass., Belonging to Daniel Weston … Dec. 17, [18]53

From Wheeler to J P Brown, surveyed land for, Dec 19 & 21, ‘53


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Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1854

99.  O. Berryman in E part of Lincoln took level of farms Jan 17 ‘54

100. John Reynolds, surveyed his premises March 17’ 54

. http://www.concordlibrary.org/scollect/Thoreau_surveys/99b.htm


Abel Hosmer, surveyed woodlot in Acton for, April 4, ‘54



Samuel Hoar, surveyed woodlot in Concord and Carlisle for, Apr 5 ’54



Schulyer Parks – surveyed woodlot for in Lincoln, Apr 12 ‘54

See also The Concord Museums “owner’s copy” of this survey at


101. Ephraim W. Bull Ran two lines for between the barn and the main house on the S side of the road. Apr 14, ‘54

David Loring – Surveyed land at back front house for, May ‘54

Plan of Factory Quarter surveyed. Land for grouping of buildings?

Beginning on Stow Road


102. Byron Pierce, Lincoln, surveyed house lot for. Aug 31, ’54.


Col. Holbrook, surveyed woodlot on farm in Concord?. Sep. 11, ‘54



Agricultural Society, Laid out plowing match ground for.  Forty lands 21/2 x 8 rods

Sep 27, ‘54

103. John Fletcher Acton Mass area of his “Wheeler Lot” calculated from measurements furnished by him.  Dec 22, 1854 (includes sketch)

107. B. M. Watson, Plymouth, surveyed and made plans of his place.  Oct 9 – 13, ‘54

R.W.E. found some bounds of his Lincoln woodlot and my plans of it together.

Nov 3 & 6, ‘54

John Horn, surveyed woodlot for Colburn Farm and copied Habrahands? Nov 4 & 6, ‘54

Tilly Holden, surveyed woodlot for, on north meadow, Dec 9, ‘54

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Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1855
108. Plan of Land Sold by E.Hosmer to R.W. Emerson, dated June 6, 1855.
Courtesy of Concord Museum
J. B. Moore surveyed land on Bedford Road sold to an Irishman Nov 24, ‘55

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Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1856

David Loring, surveyed land Feb ‘56

Geo F Damon (of Carlisle) surveyed woodlot of, L & H Jones (correction of Dr Davis of Concord)

110. for taxes)  Mar 5, ‘56

Sketch of Brown homestead

Plan of the “Davis Piece” (so called) in the S.W. Part of Concord Mass. Belonging to Thomas Wheeler … Apr. 28, 1856 


Samuel Maples? Surveyed the Davis piece on northeast of brook for Apr 28, ‘56

Samuel Maples? Surveyed the house lot of Mr. T Wheeler farm for Apr 30 ’56 and the Ox pastureMay 5, ‘85

Plan of the “Ox Pasture” (so called) Belonging to Thomas Wheeler Concord, Mass. … May 5, [18]56


111. Mrs. Whitman cemetery lots surveyed. May 24, ‘56



John Hosmer surveyed and made plan for. Surveyed pail factory. Jun 3 & 4, ‘56



112. Geo. Brook, Surveyed house lot of David Loring Sep 17, ‘56

Plan of the House Lot of David Loring in Concord, Mass. … Sep. 17, 1856 


R.W. Emerson Examined the two southernmost bounds of his wooded lot on the RR  March 18, ’56?


Daniel Shattuck surveyed lot on Monroe Street. Annexed from plan of his cottage house lot. Oct 6, ‘56

Marcus Spring, Eagleswood Perth Amboy surveyed and mapped Eagleswood for between Oct 24 and Nov 24, ’56.  rough sketch.




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